Peter K. Smith, Goldsmiths College, University of London

„The FAST is of great use and interest“

„The FAST is of great use and interest to many workers in the area of family therapy, clinical practice, and psychological research with children and families more generally. The Manual provides the essential information for users of the FAST, namely the details of procedure, psychometric properties, scoring, and examples of case study interpretation.“ 

Peter Randall, University of Hull

„This is a unique instrument“

„This is a unique instrument. It offers all those who make use of family systems theory in therapy an opportunity to explore the benefits of objectivity without compromising their therapeutic integrity.“ 

Dennis A. Bagarozzi, Licensed MFT, Georgia

„FAST can be used to assess family myths“

„I believe that the FAST can be used to help the clinicians unearth and assess family myths.“ 

Sandra A. Rigazio-DiGilio, University of Connecticut

„FAST can make the complex simple in health profession“

„One of the most prodigious contributions any theoretician, researcher, and/or practitioner can provide is to make the complex simple. That is, to operationalize a complicated phenomenon so that it is understandable, applicable, and readily available for ongoing practice, research, and theory construction. The FAST has provided such a contribution to the health profession.“

David Campbell, Tavistock Clinic, London

„A wealth of data supports the validity of FAST“

„The manuscript is impressive, it presents a wealth of empirical data to support the validity of the FAST test and its flexible application to a wide range of settings and client groups readable for both researchers and clinicians who have an interest but not an extensive training in research methods.“