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What is the range of applications for FAST?
The FAST can be used as an individual and/or group test. It has a wide range of clinical and research applications such as:
  • Analysis of interpersonal structures of families, therapeutic systems (e.g., doctor-patient relationships) and clinical teams
  • Diagnosis of psychological, relationship and mental problems
  • Planning and evlauation of health-related interventions
  • Clinical supervision and team development
In what languages is the FAST manual available?
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FAST manuals exist in the following languages:
English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish (unpublished manuscript)

Translations are planned in the following languages:
Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese

Where can the FAST be ordered?
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The complete FAST set can be ordered by phone, fax or online.
The FAST manual (English, French, German, Dutch and Japanese version) can be ordered directly from the Publisher or in bookstores.
A computerized scoring program for the FAST (only German version available) can be ordered at apparatezentrum@hogrefe.de

How much does the FAST cost?
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English version
German version
Complete test set (including manual, 20 recording sheets and test materials)
US$ 298.00
Euro 348.00
US$ 39.50
Euro 59.00
Blank recording sheets (20)
US$ 19.50
Euro 29.00
Scoring program
Not available
Euro 260.00